Enumerating the various features of swiggy clone

 Food delivery industry is a dramatically growing industry and it is the on-demand industry because of the amount of customers it gets each day. It is due to the quality of service obtained and the various other benefits that come along with it.

It is a simple app in which the user chooses the restaurant of their choice and orders the food from the list of items available in the menu. The delivery personnel are assigned to collect the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer location.

Turnkeytown provides on-demand food delivery app solution which serve its user better than others in the market and helps the owners gain more revenue.

Let us look at the various features that can be seen in a basic swiggy clone

Rider Location Tracking-

The GPS enabled app helps the user to track the exact location of the food delivery person. The AI integrated system also estimates the time of delivery based on the current location of the rider.

Advanced Payment Services-

The app provides an in-app payment system that offers multiple payment options such as credit/debit cards, ewallets, internet banking etc.

Promotional Codes-

Many restaurants have partnered with the app for better recognition. The app provides various discounts, offers, coupons and promo codes for the users in collaborations with the restaurants.

Explore restaurants-

The optimized search filter allows the users to explore the range of restaurants available in the near locality.

Track your Orders-

The user can track the delivered food and get updated on the status of the order like ‘food is being prepared’, ‘food is picked up’, ‘food is on the way’, and ‘food is delivered’.

 Reviews and Rating

The user gets to provide a five star rating to the delivery personnel and the food from the restaurant. Also they can drop comments if they wish to.

Food Categories

The user can choose their favorite cuisine, their favorite preference like vegetarian, vegan etc. they also find a wide range of options for a type of food they chose.

Orders management

The orders are managed very efficiently in the app. The user is provided with a user history so that they can preview their previous orders and can order the same again.

Advertisement services

The app allows space for advertisement to others. In this way some profit revenue can be met. Users can use this space to click on the ad and get redirected directly to the corresponding website.

Multilingual support

Swiggy clone supports multiple languages in the app which helps a wide spectrum of users to use the app and not just limit to a certain people.

Summing up

To make the app stand out from others it is essential to implement new and thought provoking methods of delivering food that will provide better service to the customers and also do better to the environment. Some food delivery companies in the US have implemented drones and robots as a medium to deliver their foods. It is greatly welcomed by the population as it minimizes human errors, reduces traffic and thereby safer to the environment.


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