Lead the entertainment market through the onlyfans clone app

OnlyFans is a well-known paid content platform operating in London where users have to register themselves and pay a certain amount to watch photos and videos.

Some must-know statistics about OnlyFans

  • Has paid more than $2 billion to content creators on its platform and 80% of profits are retained by the content providers.
  • 20% of the content creators’ earnings are used by OnlyFans to manage the execution of payments, referral bonuses, hosting, and technical support.
  • OnlyFans has more than 1 million content creators and a whopping 90 million registered users.
  • Increased the number of new users by 75% between March and April 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. 200,000 new people subscribed to OnlyFans every day during that period.
We offer a customized and feature-rich OnlyFans clone app that can be used by influencers and celebrities to stream high-quality content to their fans.

Let us analyze the core features of an app like OnlyFans

Different monetization opportunities for content creators - 

A monthly subscription plan ($4.99 to $49.99), access to exclusive Pay-Per-View content, and private messaging to see personalized content.

Tips provided by the users -

 Fans who love a certain post can tip the content creator by paying $100 on a tip or $200 on a tip after using the app for 4 months.

Numerous sources of revenue -

 Money can be minted easily by charging transaction processing fees, promotional fees, paid subscriptions, and sponsored fees.

Access to exclusive merchandise -

 The customers can be attracted by offering products and merchandise worn by the models and stars.

Recommendation for videos -

 New and trending videos can be suggested to the users for viewing. This can be done by analyzing the search history and the behavioural pattern of the customers over a certain duration.

Broadcasting facilities -

 Live streaming of popular events can be done easily in the OnlyFans clone app. It can cover product launches and music album launches.

A comprehensive earnings dashboard -

 Content creators on an app like OnlyFans can keep a real-time track of their earnings (either daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly) through the easy-to-understand dashboard.

The issue of push notifications -

 All the latest information about offers and discounts can be quickly shared with the users via SMS or email.

Access to advanced reports -

 For the enhancement in the performance of the platform, detailed surveys, questionnaires, and polls can be conducted on the app to know the users’ mindset.

An app like OnlyFans reflects the future of social media applications where customers prefer seeing paid content. Hence, get the top-notch OnlyFans clone app now to rule the digital world soon.


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